About Innowix

Innowix provides architecture consulting and implementation services to commercial and government enterprises to develop and manage innovative and flexible IT solutions.

Innowix Philosophy and Core Values:
  • We strongly believe that constraints (technological, financial, political or business) drive to innovative thinking and approaches and we see these as opportunities rather than constraints.
  • Innowix believes in recommending innovative yet pragmatic solutions and approaches for our clients. Our solutions are technology and vendor agnostic. We always try to leverage existing technologies within an enterprise as much as possible.
  • We will be honest and open in our communications and dealings with all parties involved including our clients, employees, partners, regulators and community.
  • We take pride in quality of our deliverables which are of highest quality and will add value to our clients for long term.
  • Finally, we love what we do and we tend to enjoy and have fun while doing this! 
 For more details, please visit: http://www.innowix.com